Who Are We?


Sturgeon Valley Pastoral Charge is comprised of Coronado Gibbons United Church, a very warm and welcoming congregation.

We welcome rural and urban folks of all ages, all backgrounds, all gender identities.
We have a strong social justice orientation, advocating for the poor and disadvantaged, for our Indigenous brothers and sisters and for the gay and lesbian community.
We also have great food, great fun and no end of laughter!

What can you expect in Sunday Worship at Sturgeon Valley PC? 

-Great music, both old and new.
-Silence and contemplation.  Both are a welcome part of our worship
-The Sturgeon Valley Drummers. We invite everyone who’s interested to become a drummer. Drums are provided and no drumming experience is necessary.
-Progressive, cutting edge–and sometimes challenging–theology.
We may not take everything in the Bible literally, but we do take itsongOF
very seriously. I don’t think we’re in Sunday School any more, Toto…
-Great food, great fun and no end of laughter!
(Do I detect a theme here…?)
reg and sheila


(“A Song of Faith” www.united-church.ca/beliefs/statements/songfaith)

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