Mission and Vision

The Vision of Sturgeon Valley Pastoral Charge

Sturgeon Valley Pastoral Charge is a healthy, vibrant, nurturing congregation which is Christ centred, Spirit filled and Spirit led.  We are committed to loving and caring for people of all ages in the church and in the wider world through worship and service.  Sturgeon Valley Pastoral Charge will continue to provide a welcoming place where people can experience Christ and move forward on their spiritual journey.


The Mission of Coronado United Church

At Coronado United Church, we come together as a family to experience God’s presence through worship.  Inspirational music is an important part of our spiritual life.

Our children are joyfully involved in all aspects of church life.

Our congregation promotes an atmosphere of voluntary involvement in the church family.

Responding to need–whether within the congregation, the community or the wider world–is an integral part of our church.

Our church has a rich heritage.  The warm, friendly atmosphere which has existed through the years is a blessing which we will joyfully pass on to future generations.


The Mission of Gibbons United Church

Gibbons United Church provides a caring atmosphere in which children, youth and adults can develop and strengthen their knowledge of God and faith in God. We provide pastoral care for all those in need.

We provide opportunities for spiritual and personal growth through participation in the life of the church.

It is crucial for our church to encourage ministry with and for all ages within the congregation and community.  All members of the family are an important part of our congregational life.  By including the children in the church, the congregation is connecting the past, the present and the future.

Everyone is welcomed into our midst and encouraged to take part in our worship of God.

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