The church of Sturgeon Valley Pastoral Charge have an equal marriage policy. We welcome with love all couples who are legally free to marry, regardless of gender orientation.

Our only requirement is that the couple attend a marriage preparation course from one of the following agencies (or other accredited counselling agency):

The Family Centre
Cornerstone Counselling

These courses are invaluable. We will waive the requirement to attend
only in exceptional circumstances.

Planning Your Wedding Ceremony

The sanctuary of Coronado Gibbons United Church holds a maximum of 60 people. Wedding services are planned in consultation with the Minister.  We encourage you to be involved in choosing the vows which are most meaningful to you, as well as other elements of the service, such as music, scripture readings, prayers, and rituals.


The cost for a wedding varies from $250.00 – $450.00 depending on the location and on whether you would like the service to include live music.  If the ceremony is not held in Coronado Gibbons UC, the cost will be $250.00 for the ceremony and filing the marriage documentation with the Government of Alberta.

If the service is held in Coronado Gibbons United Church, the cost for the ceremony, church rental and filing of the marriage documentation will be $350.00.

If you wish to hire the church organist, there will be an additional cost of $100.00.

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